About the Leadership Foundation


Great communities need strong, capable, and knowledgeable leaders to thrive.  The Leadership Foundation of Greater Las Vegas, through its educational programs, is dedicated to building the leadership capacity of Southern Nevada to drive positive change and shape a bright future for the region.  The Foundation is the trusted and recognized source for full spectrum professional and community leadership development in Southern Nevada. It provides a wide range of leadership and professional development programs for Southern Nevadans at all stages of their careers.

The Las Vegas Chamber created the Leadership Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, to nurture the leadership talent to ensure a pipeline of talented leaders who are prepared to take on community challenges and positively shape its future.

The Leadership Foundation has a strong legacy of proven leadership development, with program graduates actively engaged in the community as business and non-profit leaders, dedicated volunteers, and by serving in Congress, the Nevada Legislature, Clark County Commission and other public offices.